Fierce Academy
Create Real Freedom and Authentic Connections with Powerful Women
Create Real Freedom and Authentic Connections in Your Life

FIERCe academy?
FIERCE Academy is a 4 week, interactive online program that will help you create a solid life-strategy, optimize your day, and accelerate your progress towards success.

The program includes recorded modules that you can do at your own pace as well as live coaching calls where you can get direct access to Carolyn and other FIERCE Experts.

You'll also level up your network and circle of influence by connecting with other high-level women in the FIERCE Network.
Whether you’re an ambitious, success-oriented leader or a purpose-driven entrepreneur...

The FIERCE academy will start your next-level evolution so you’re able to have the life you always wanted....

WITHOUT having to give up the things you love like your family, career, and lifestyle.

You'll get the tools and resources you need to create the level of success you know you’re capable of!

And you'll be surrounded by a group of like-minded, independent women who can help you get there.

Why join the FIERCE Academy?
The FIERCE Academy was created to help ambitious, motivated women make high-level changes in their life at an accelerated pace. 

The 4 week program will help you create a next-level life in the midst of raising a family, growing your career, and even figuring out your self-worth.

If you want to create more income, stay healthy, be present with your family, and/or level up your work, the FIERCE Academy is designed for you.


If you’ve ever felt like you have everything you THINK you wanted and still felt unfulfilled, the FIERCE Academy is designed for you.
The Fierce Academy Will Help You:
  • Get clarity on how to achieve your goals
  • Break old habits that sabotage your success
  • Organize and structure your life for success
  • Make high-level changes in your life at an accelerated pace
  • Build your career or business the way YOU want to
  • Plus.. if you're one of the first 50 to join, you get to work directly with Carolyn! 
You can say goodbye to the doubt that comes from playing it small and safe and discover how to break your old patterns while moving closer to your goals. The course and community will help to quickly change your perspective while giving you a mindset that deepens your self-awareness and resilience.

You won’t have to worry about how you’re going to accomplish all your goals while still being a mom, wife, sister, or partner!

how does FIERCe academy work?
The FIERCE Academy is broken down into 4 weekly lessons that make it easy to implement into your life despite all the other time commitments and responsibilities you have on your plate.
Being FIERCE is not about physical strength or high levels of power in the boardroom.

No, it is about being a powerful decision-maker, especially when it comes to decisions that will influence our behavior and affect our families.

Week 1: Focus: Face Fear, Breathe, and Ignite your Inner Ferocity!
Lesson 1 will help you take control of the situations you face AT WORK and AT HOME by allowing your decisions and actions create a positive ripple effect that moves you closer towards your goals.

Modern science has proven the ancient wisdom of deep breathing and how it can reduce anxiety. You’ll learn how to harness your breath and emotions to help create the results you desire in your life.

Week 2: Identify: Deepen your Self-Awareness, Self-Development, Self-Care
Lesson 2 will help you increase your self-awareness, self-development, and give you space for self-care.  You'll be able to balance your personal, social, physical and work life so you can have more of what you want and 
less of what you don’t.

You'll gain clarity, increase your capabilities, and clear a path for evolution through sharpening the skills that lead to a better, and more fulfilling life.
Week 3: Examine Barriers: Advance your Success with FIERCE Clarity and Schedule Optimization
Lesson 3  will help you identify and break through the barriers that were holding you back. You'll be able to increase your energy, maximize your productivity, and reduce the fatigue and burnout that comes with errand-running and lunch packing.

You'll start to utilize and strengthen the power of intention while improving your self-optimization.  Start clearing your plate of what is not serving and start leverage what is.
Week 4: Courage & Engage: FIERCE Courage and Unconditional Confidence to take FIERCE Action
Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you, and confidence is the feeling of self-assurance and appreciation of your abilities and qualities. Courage can be seen as a prerequisite to confidence, but I believe they  are congruent. 

This final lesson will help you identify the situations in which you need courage and confidence. You'll then be able to define and appreciate the qualities that are innately in you, and begin to practice and harmonize the two so you can take FIERCE action into creating your next level of freedom!
What's INcluded in FIerce academy?
Fierce academy
Online Modules:
The FIERCE Academy will be hosted in an exclusive, online members area that you can access from your PC, tablet, or phone. Each week you'll get the content released to you so you can go through them week by week with the rest of the community.

access to the 'Fierce Newtork' Mastermind
All members of the FIERCE Academy get 1 month FREE access to the FIERCE Network. You’ll get access to the private FIERCE Facebook Group, access to live coaching calls and masterminds where you can create authentic connections with purpose-driven women. 

You'll be able to ask questions, source ideas, get support and feedback, and forge relationships with other FIERCE women!
FIerce Expert calls & recordings
When you join the FIERCE Academy, you'll be invited to live trainings with other FIERCE Experts. 

Accelerate your evolution with direct access to other high-level experts and executives. Plus you'll get access to the recordings of all the previous FIERCE Expert calls! 
Digital Copy of FIERCE: Transform Your LIfe in the Face of Adversity. 5 Minutes at a Time
All members of the FIERCE Academy get a copy of Carolyn's best-selling book. This will act as a great resource to help you implement the FIERCE modules so you can transform your life 5 minutes at a time!
Bonus: 1-1 Coaching Call with Carolyn
The first 50 women to enroll with get a FREE 1-1 call with Carolyn where you can get direct and personalized support. You'll be able to ask questions, get support, and accelerate your progress towards your goals.

This call is only offered to the 50 members to enroll.
Who Created the FIERCE Academy?
Carolyn Colleen was born and raised in the Midwest and a self-described FIERCE mother, daughter, sister, and friend. 

While her past has a made a permanent stamp on her life, it doesn’t define her. Her past trauma and abuse has positioned her to develop and leverage her grit so that she can serve other women who want to transform their lives, too.

As a proud mom, corporate leader, and life & business strategist, She knows it can feel impossible to add yet another thing to the task list. But she’s living proof that you can transform your life in the midst of all that’s going on in your life. And she can help you do it.

Carolyn has overcome many challenges in her life and has shown perseverance, grace and dignity. Her process can be applied to anyone’s life to achieve a goal and I plan to use it in my daily life– especially remembering to just breathe.
Stefanie Kline, Entrepreneur; MBA
Stefanie Kline, Entrepreneur; MBA
Carolyn has overcome many challenges in her life and has shown perseverance, grace and dignity. Her process can be applied to anyone’s life to achieve a goal and I plan to use it in my daily life– especially remembering to just breathe.
How do I join?
If you want to accelerate your growth even more, we encourage you to join the FIERCE Network which will allow you to get coaching directly from Carolyn and other FIERCE Experts!

Enrollment in the FIERCE Academy is currently closed.

You can click the button below to join the wait list.
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